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Christian Connection - The best dating sites for Christians in the UK

Online dating can be intimidating for those looking to find serious relationships based on Christian values. After all, many may now associate online dating with apps like Tinder and Bumble, platforms that tend to cater to hook-ups and the casual dating culture. More established matchmaking services may also be intimidating, in that regard. While there are plenty that focus on connections and long-term relationships, they may not guarantee that values and expectations are shared between matches.

When it comes to the search for love founded on shared faith, it is understandable that Christian singles would want to cut out the ambiguity and use a platform that guarantees potential partners share their values from the start. Christian Connection is a service founded on exactly that principle. Created in 2000 by a team in the United Kingdom, the service has over two decades of experience matching compatible Christian singles.

Such experience has allowed Christian Connection to grow and expand as a platform, both in the nations it covers and the services it offers—but does it hold true to its founding principles after so many years of activity?

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Relatively small user base

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Signing Up for Christian Connection

The process of signing up for Christian Connection is designed to be a brief and simple process, something the service succeeds at. New users just need to provide some basic personal details about their general location, age, name, and ethnicity.

They also have the opportunity to answer some questions about themselves, and describe their interests. Much of this pertains to faith, so individuals can give some details on their personal relationship with Christ. This allows users to provide a little more detail on their personal Christian philosophy, and what they are looking for in a relationship.

The process of signing up is likely to take no more than a couple minutes if the basic necessities are filled in, but the profile options do allow for a great deal of personalization. If you are looking to describe yourself truly and have more success with matches, it is a good idea to go the extra mile and be detailed in your profile. The process of signing up is free, and a three-day free trial is initiated after creating your account, so it is beneficial to take advantage and have your profile ready from the outset.

Free vs. Premium

Christian Connection does have a paid subscription model, but also offers free accounts. While the latter have some serious limitations, there are a lot of features still available that most free memberships with other matchmaking services lack. Free accounts are able to search and match with other members, as well as send ‘waves’ to potential matches. They are also able to add members to a favorites list, view members photos, and even upload their own photos.

With a paid account, users are offered a small number of vital features in addition to everything previously mentioned. Unlimited direct messaging is the biggest, with the ability to reply to messages through email being a close second. You also gain the ability to see who is online, and to keep private who you’ve viewed. In addition, a paid account gets you priority support.

However, the really nice thing about Christian Connection is their free trial plan. After making an account, users get three days to try out most premium features. The only limitation is messaging quantity, as trial users are limited to five messages a day.

Member Structure

In terms of users, Christian Connect has a diverse offering. While most users are between the ages of 24 and 35, there are a lot of users in the 18-24 age range, as well as the 35-44. This isn’t a service that caters to just the young or old. The gender distribution does skew male however, with women only representing 40% of the user base.

Additionally, some great news is that the service is heavily focused on the UK as its place of origin. It has expanded in past years to a more worldwide audience, however, offering its service in the US, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Matching Process 

Christian Connection is a matchmaking service that provides matchmaking primarily through user engagement. This means that users are expected to search through other users’ profiles, look over their provided details, and make personal decisions based on the compatibility they feel. This also means that active users are rewarded with the most help and benefit, and an extensive search function is provided to ensure users can find compatible matches.

To add, the service is proud to describe itself as a community platform, and has extensive discussion boards available for users to communicate openly. Through this platform, Christian Connection encourages its members to organize social gatherings for people to meet face to face. These events may appeal to users who are looking to meet new people in a comfortable environment. 

Contact Options

Contact options on Christian Connection offer some simple features that get the job done. The most basic form of contact is the ‘wave,’ which simply alerts another user to your interest. Beyond that there are direct messaging options that allow you to communicate directly with other users.

Most recently, video chat has also emerged as a new feature. While still being tested, this option allows users the chance to communicate comfortably from their own homes, while still having that familiar connection of a live person right in front of you.

Christian Connection App

There is a mobile application available for Christian Connection, though it is only available on iOS in particular countries. It is a slimmed down version of the full website, allowing users to message each other and access other features through an easy-to-use user interface. The app is free to download. For Android users, the full website can be accessed on mobile through browser apps.


Christian Connection is a successful experiment at online Christian dating over two decades in the making. While it doesn’t have as many features as many of its secular competitors, it offers all the necessities of online matchmaking within a comfortable Christian community. Further, the introduction of video chat and forays into mobile applications show that Christian Connections isn’t afraid of adopting modern dating trends in pursuit of meaningful relationships founded on traditional values.

The extensive features available for free users and hassle-free three-day trial provide a welcoming introduction to their services. If you are a single Christian looking for a meaningful partner, this service may be the perfect one for you.

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