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We help you find the unique love you’re looking for!

For decades the internet has been filled to the brim with online dating sites all offering unique chances to find love. Whether a long-term commitment, a marriage, a casual date, or a short-term fling – there’s a service out there for everyone. The trouble is, how do you navigate which one is best for you?

There are some heavy-hitters in the online dating industry that might catch your eye like Match, eHarmony, or Tinder. But there are also some up-and-coming sites that might share your unique interests or cater to your particular sexual orientation even more. What we offer is insight, advice, experience, and direction to give you the absolute best chance at finding the love you’re looking for.

Because the love you’re looking for it’s unique.

You might be a veteran of multiple dating sites, new to the online dating world, exploring the mysterious world of diverse sexual interests, seeking a casual fling, or searching high and low for a second shot at love. Whatever you’re looking for, our mission is to help you find the love that’s uniquely yours.

To do that, we’ll present you with our reviews of the very best dating sites, compare the newest to the most-established dating sites or matchmakers in the UK, offer articles with unique tips and tricks for modern online dating, and recommend the most effective dating apps out there.

The team behind DatingHelp

Love is complicated, complex, and unlike any other feeling in the world. Books, poems, dissertations, essays, and articles have been written on love, and entire lives have been devoted to understanding it. Although we can’t say we have doctorates in love, our team has more than enough experience.

From loving long-term relationships to the search for new connections, we have all put love and the search for it at the forefront of our lives. When developing content for our site, we take that experience and combine it with the science, psychology, sociology, and testimonies of love experts out in the field, and love seekers out in the world. We would never call ourselves real experts on love. Partly because of humility and partly because we don’t believe you can ever really make sense of love.

As we’ve said before, love is unique. And, when you find it, uniquely yours.

Now, allow us to introduce the creators of DatingHelp. Our site and companion sites were founded by Casper Ellam Schou and Jesper Nørskov Jensen. Both come from different backgrounds and have different expertise in dating, love, and partnership. Casper has been in a committed relationship for 15 years and knows a lot about the dynamics of the partnership. Meanwhile, Jesper has been single for a long time and has had the opportunity to test various dating sites and apps talked about on this site firsthand. His adventures and experiences, along with the experiences of many other singles, form the basis of our detailed overviews with descriptions from the various dating sites and dating apps.

However, this team has expanded to include a number of talented copywriters and content creators from around the world. Although Casper and Jesper lead the way and pave the path ahead, our diverse team offers us the ability to share a variety of unique perspectives on love and online dating. 

Casper Schou
Jesper Jensen

A chance for anyone to find love

A core belief of DatingHelp is that anyone has that chance to find love. Not only that, we fundamentally believe that everyone out there deserves love. The challenge is, dating in the modern world is different than ever before. A study from Oxford University claims that 1 of 3 couples is now matched through an online dating site or app. Actually, recent studies are pushing that closer to half!

With the internet playing this century’s matchmaker, we know people of all ages are in need of a guide through all the hurdles and potential pitfalls of online dating. Whether a site that caters to casual flings rather than long-term commitment or one that targets a younger audience rather than a mature one – we have the answers you need to find the love you deserve.

We have comparisons of the best overall dating sites,  as well as offerings for senior dating, free dating sites, hook-up apps, Christian dating, LGBTQIA+ friendly dating services – whatever your interest and whatever you’re looking for, we want to help you take your chance at love.

Opportunity awaits

With all of that in mind, we invite you to explore DatingHelp for yourself. Check out dating sites that you’ve been interested in, see how prices compare and whether they’re worth the time. Read up on the latest tips and tricks for online dating or look into the latest and best dating apps to hit the market.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance in your journey to find love, reach out to us. We’re happy to hear from you and even happier to have you here as a part of the DatingHelp community. We can’t wait to help you on the journey toward discovering the love you deserve.