Hookup sites – Comparison of the 6 best sites for sex dating

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The best sites for sex dating in the UK

Not everyone is looking for the love of their life online, some of us are just looking for some adventure and fun.  If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place.  Below you’ll find some in-depth comparisons of the various hookup sites available in the UK, so you can make the choice as to what is right for you.  Let’s jump right into it!

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From 4.98 £ / month



From 11.27 £  / month

4 million


From 9.99 £ / month



From 0.23 £ 

75m worldwide


From 23.83 £ / month



From 14.99 £ / month



From 9.99 £ / month

3 million

C-date screenshot UK

C-Date is a great choice for fun, adventurous hookups because of their fervent focus on safety and anonymity. They’ve done a lot of work to ensure that everyone can interact on the platform safely and without worrying about potential privacy leaks. Their innovative approach to security has been a boon for the site and there are hundreds of new singles joining up every day looking for a good time.

Everything on the site has been specifically designed to serve the interests of casual daters. You can see in every design and functionality decision that they’ve put a lot of work into creating a wonderful holistic experience for users. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it continues to get better as the site scales. It’s clear that the site is growing fast and the team is consistently working on improving how things work, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best of the best. This philosophy has attracted a wide-ranging customer base, all of which are looking for exciting and spontaneous casual dating that flies in the face of traditional sites.

There’s something special about a site where everyone is on the same page and has similar expectations, so if you’re looking for a casual hookup – you know you’ll find like-minded people here. There’s a reason that people are on the site and they aren’t hiding that at all. It’s clear, transparent and incredibly exciting, if we’re honest.

Feeling spontaneous? Let your next adventure begin.


Perfect for casual hookups

Free premium trial

Fairly cheap to use

Free to use for women


You probably wont find your soulmate here

How much does a membership at C-Date cost?

1 month9.90 £ / month9.90 £
3 months13.30 £ / month39.90 £
6 months4.98 £ / month29.90 £

The world’s largest community for sex and hookups

AdultFriendFinder screenshot - Best hookup sites

AdultFriendFinder is a veteran in the space of online hookup sites and the fact that it’s still around says a lot. It boasts a huge set of users all of which are looking to spice up their sex lives and meet people who are willing to indulge them on that. If you’re looking for scale, you won’t find a site that beats this one – the sea of possible matches that waits you is near limitless.

As a platform it can feel slightly outdated when compared to its younger counterparts, but don’t let that fool you. The magic is still there, buried deep in the system – and it delivers on its promises tenfold. It’s a favourite for a reason. They also boast a very large swingers community that continues to thrive, so if you’re in a couple and are looking to meet other open-minded couples this can be a great place to do so.

All in all, the site has a great track record and significant scale, which means that there is a good chance you’ll be able to find people who share your outlook and are excited to have fun in the way that only adults can. It’s cheeky, sultry, and unlike any other site you’ll find because it’s stayed true to the original mission set out all those years ago. If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it.


More than just a place to find casual sex

More than 80 million users worldwide


Most of the members are male

Reports of bots and fake profiles

How much does a membership at AdultFriendFinder cost?

1 month21.10 £ / month21.10 £
3 months14.05 £ / month42.16 £
12 months10.53 £ / month126.38 £

Victoria Milan
Specializes in married dating or sex dating

Victoria Milan UK Screenshot

A marriage sometimes isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, and millions of people seek discrete affairs on the side to meet those unmet sexual needs. Victoria Milan is one of the leaders in this space and provides a great platform for unsatisfied people to find each other and engage in various types of sex dating. The platform prides itself on its anonymity, verified profiles, and privacy – so that you can have complete peace of mind as you enjoy what the site has to offer.

The subscription prices for the site are quite expensive when compared to some of the other alternatives, but this is because of the quality of matches you can access. The very nature of asking this price screens out a lot of people, leaving only those who are excited to play with you. This sort of sex is risky of course, because it’s discrete and taboo – but that’s what gives this site the energy and vitality that it does. Your dopamine sensors will be in overdrive when you get behind the curtain here, we can guarantee that.

Even with the societal stigma around these topics, Victoria Milan remains incredibly popular and is growing every day. It’s been known to revive many a love life, and it could do that for you. If you’re looking to recover the spark and spontaneity of that honeymoon period, then this platform is a no-brainer. It serves a very real physical need and it does a very good job at it. You simply cannot argue with the results.


For people looking for an affair or a casual hookup

Registration is quick and easy


Promotes adultery

Not ideal for finding the love of your life

How much does a membership at Victoria Milan cost?

3 months19.99 £ / month59.97 £
6 months14.99 £ / month89.94 £
12 months9.99 £ / month119.88 £

Ashley Madison
Perfect for finding hookups on your travels

Ashley Madison screenshot

Ashley Madison came into some heat after a breach a while ago, but all that did was draw attention to just how popular the site had become. They’ve since fixed that flaw and it’s made the platform that much more secure and discrete – unleashing the potential of the large user base that it boasts. For anyone seeking a discrete affair, there are few places better suited to matching you with someone appropriate than Ashley Madison.

The name is synonymous with forbidden pleasure, and that’s what makes the site so compelling. It’s drenched in mystery from the outside, but once you’re on the platform – you’ll be exposed to other people who share a lot in common with you and are looking to have casual fun escapes that are free from the realities of day-to-day life. In the fulfilment of these desires, married people can rediscover the joys of vibrant, novelty-rich sex in a way that they’ve never done so before. The site really has redefined the industry as a whole and continues to innovate on their product to make things better and better.

In addition, it’s become known as a great platform to use while you’re travelling. Many of the users like to enjoy their time away with some adventurous sex, so if that’s you – then your partner is just a click away. There’s no better way to soak in a foreign land and culture than to celebrate it with a dopamine-filled adventure of the highest order. Give it a try! At the very least, you’ll have an amazing anecdote to remember your trip by.


 Heightened security after data leak in 2015

Free to use for women


Promotes adultery

Not ideal for finding the love of your life

How much does a membership at Ashley Madison cost?

100 credits0.50 £ / credit50.00 £
500 credits0.28 £ / credit140.00 £
1,000 credits0.23 £ / credit230.00 £

#1 site for Sugar Daddy Dating

Seeking arrengement

Seeking.com is a site for successful people to be matched with beautiful people for mutually beneficial relationships. It boasts an incredible ratio between sugar babies and sugar daddies which makes it a fantastic choice if you’re looking for that sort of arrangement. The best part about the site is that everyone on it has a similar worldview and so you can get straight down to it, no need to mince words.

It’s probably the best site out there for sugar dating – the track record speaks for itself. Roaring customer reviews give us the confidence to say that you’re probably going to have a great time with this site. Sugar dating is a complicated thing to get right and Seeking has done a fantastic job in storytelling around the concept, laying out clear and transparent expectations for everyone involved, and wrapping that experience up in an intuitive interface that carries the value of the community forward.

Their pricing structure is slightly different to the other players because you pay per day – which is an interesting way to do things. But for a certain segment of the target audience, this is a feature that is appreciated and leveraged to their best advantage. However, you choose to subscribe, you can be sure to meet some of the most interesting and dynamic people on the platform. There are some real gems if you’re willing to dig through it.


 Biggest Sugar Dating site in the world

Free to use for sugar babies

No fake profiles


 There are lots of fake profiles which need to be weeded out

App not available on iOS

How much does a membership at Seeking.com cost?

30 days2.33 £ / day69.95 £
90 days2.00 £ / day179.85 £

Popular European sugar dating site

EliteMeetsBeauty review

EliteMeetsBeauty is a local favourite in the UK when it comes to sugar dating and it dominates the European landscape for the most part. On the platform you can find people who know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. The honesty and frankness is liberating, if you ask us.

The site is unapologetic from the core. You can get a sense just from the name itself. The whole experience is clear and concise, attracting people who want to meet others looking for sugar dating, and facilitating fascinating matches which can lead to some of the best hookups you’ll ever experience. While the userbase is still relatively small, it’s growing incredibly fast and there’s no sign of that momentum slowing down any time soon. It seems that this site represents the future of sugar dating. It feels like a really modern take that stays true to the ethos of the dating concept but applies a lot of modern design sensitivities to the user experience.

A site like this attracts a very specific group of people and this particular one does a great job in making those connections seamless and full of excitement. If sugar dating is your thing, then look no further. The whole process is addictive and it’s bound to find you the partner you’ve been looking for if you’re upfront and honest about what you want. Do this and you’ll be off to the races before you know it, with that perfect sugar daddy or sugar babe at your side. The world is your oyster, after all. You might as well enjoy it.


Dating site for sugar dating

Great for sugar daddies, mommas and babes

Blog contains lots of useful information about sugar dating


Could use more members

You won’t get far without a paid membership

How much does a membership at EliteMeetsBeauty cost?

1 month39.99 £ / month39.99 £
3 months29.99 £ / month89.97 £
12 months14.99 £ / month179.88 £

World Renowned Dating Site can also be used for hookups

Match.com UK

Match.com is not traditionally thought of as a casual dating site, but there is actually a significant contingent within the user base who use it as such. While most of the people on Match.com are looking for long-term relationships, there are also those who just want to hookup and enjoy the physical pleasures of sex without the attachment. You just have to know how to use the site strategically to find those people and connect with them.

When you’re making your profile, be sure to be very clear about what you want so that other people who are also looking for hookups can find you. When you do that, you’ll be amazed at what you can find because of how big their user base actually is. There are few platforms that can boast as big a userbase as Match.com has and so you’ll be spoiled for choice. In just a few minutes, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

The subscription price can feel a little hefty, but the truth of the matter is that it becomes worth it when you consider just how many people you have to choose from. You can be very specific with what you’re looking for and still find a large contingent of people well-suited for your preferences. Can you put a value on that? We’re not that sure. It’s probably best to take it for what it is and enjoy the casual sex that it brings. If you’re looking for excitement, novelty, and intrigue – don’t rule out Match.com. It’s not just for long-term relationships, it can also serve golden nuggets in the form of hookups – if you use it as such.


Large, varied userbase

Long track record of successful matches

Well-known entity that take security and safety very seriously


Typical user is looking for a long-term relationship

Lengthy profile creation process

Relatively expensive compared to other sites.

How much does a membership at Match.com cost?

1 month29.99 £ / month29.99 £
3 months19.99 £ / month59.97 £
6 months9.99 £ / month54.94 £

FAQ Hookup sites

What is a hookup site?

A hookup site is an online dating portal that connects people who are not looking for a long-term relationship, but rather are looking for some casual, short-term, no-strings-attached fun. The site self-selects for people who have that intention so there are no misunderstandings, instead creating opportunities for spontaneous adult hookups.

 If you’re looking for this sort of thing, hookup sites can help to facilitate these interactions by connecting like-minded people who might never have found each other otherwise, through the power of the internet. Unlike more traditional dating sites, hookup sites are more focused on speed and efficiency. The idea is to find someone you connect with and take that into an in-person adventure as quickly as possible. It’s fun, exciting, and spontaneous.

What is sex dating?

Sex dating refers to a type of relationship that is purely focused on physical intimacy, rather than the holistic emotional intimacy and responsibility that comes with long-term relationships. Those who engage in sex dating can do so without any guilt and can enjoy new sexual experiences for what they are – because the other person is on the same page. 

There is no miscommunication or games involved, because both parties are unapologetically honest and upfront about what they want. This makes for incredibly exciting sexual encounters where open-minded people can indulge in physical pleasure without worrying about potential emotional ramifications. It’s a refuge for those who are comfortable in their skin and not willing to conform to the restrictions of societal expectations.

Do hookup sites work?

Yes, without a doubt. The online hookup industry has exploded in recent years and it remains the best way to find suitable partners for no-strings-attached fun. You can see their profiles, verify their identity, and engage in some conversation before you get down to business – making it a much safer and more pleasant experience. 

Before these sites existed, it was extremely difficult to find people that had the same outlook as you, and so you were often forced to let go of your desires because the chances of you finding a hookup partner was very slim. Hookup sites have changed everything in this regard. By bringing this entire community together, they have revolutionised the world of casual sex and made it so much more accessible to those who enjoy it. They’ve changed the game.

What are the best hookup sites in the UK?

It’s hard to pick a best one because every site offers something slightly different. The comparisons above will hopefully give you a small taste of which site suits you, but it really depends on what you’re looking for and what matters to you. 

We would recommend that you read through our comparisons, keeping an eye out for features and cultural specifics that matter to you. Then, once you’ve done that, try a couple to see how it feels, keeping in mind that every site has a slightly different outlook and philosophy. A site that is best for you might not be the best choice for someone else. 

In saying that, every site can bring you success if you are willing to put the hard work in, and be patient where needed. You only get as much out of these sites as you put in, so your attitude and willingness to be open matter a great deal. Get this right, and you can squeeze the value out of any of these sites. It’s not about the tool per say, but how you use it.

Are hookup sites safe to use?

Yes, the sites themselves are safe to use. Each one has gone to significant length to ensure the security and safety of everyone on the platform.  Their reputation relies on a vibrant, healthy ecosystem and so they take safety very seriously.  

That being said, whenever you are meeting up with a stranger in real life, there are potential risks.  So it’s up to you as a user to keep your wits about you and trust your instinct when you’re interacting with people online.  Be sure to do whatever research you can on the person and ensure that you both have the same intentions before meeting up in person.  If you trust your gut instinct and look after yourself, then these sites can be fantastically useful for meeting people for casual dating.

What does it cost to use hookup sites?

Every site has a different pricing structure so it really depends on which one you’re going to use. Almost all of them have a monthly subscription element and these tend to range between £10 and £50 per month.  

Typically the cost is much higher if you’re only signing up on a month-to-month basis than if you go for a slightly longer commitment.  So if you’re looking to get the most value for your money, you might want to sign up for a couple of months to bring that cost down.  Either way, these prices are well worth the value you get and if you don’t like it, you can always go somewhere else.

Who uses hookup sites?

Typically, the people who use hookup sites are looking for some casual fun without any strings attached. These people aren’t looking for long-term relationships, but instead are looking for spontaneous, open-minded people who want to hook up. They are open and upfront about what they want and aren’t interested in pretence or keeping up a façade. 

If this sounds like you and you’re up for some no-strings attached fun, then a hookup site is the perfect place to meet those like-minded people.

Which hookup sites actually work?

Each site will work slightly differently but they will mostly share the same principles. When you register, you’ll be prompted to create a profile for yourself where you include some important information about yourself, what you’re looking for, and some pictures to show people what you look like.  

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll be shown an algorithmically-generated selection of people who might suit you and your criteria, from which you can choose those who you are interested in.  If the other person is also interested, then you would be matched and you can then talk to them directly.  

From there, the ball is in your court and it’s up to you to connect with that person and set up any in-person adventures if you want.

Which hookup site should I choose?

There is no one right option for everyone, it will depend on exactly what you’re looking for and what kind of environment best suits you. For example, in the sugar dating area you’d want to go with Seeking. Whereas, if you’re looking for marital sex you might go with Ashley Madison or Victoria Milan. If its casual dating you’re after you might consider C-Date or AdultFriendFinder. 

Every single site has a slightly different feel and focus and the best way to figure out which one is right for you is to try a couple of them. Most of them have free trials where you can get a taste for what the platform looks like and test drive it for yourself before you commit to any paid memberships. So that’s what we’d suggest in order to identify the right hookup site for you.