Victoria Milan
Review 2022

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Casual dating platform

High discretion and security

60% Male | 40% Female

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Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan

In the world of online dating and matchmaking, there seems to be a service for almost every demographic, kink, and interest. From matchmaking for specific religions and socio-economic groups, to hook-up apps for specific sexual desires, the internet really does offer it all.

With so much variety, it probably isn’t a shock that there are also services that exist for those looking to have an affair. Advertising itself as the, “Worlds #1 for Married and Attached Dating,” Victoria Milan proudly advertises the unique and niche service it offers.

It’s a bold stance for dating with such a stigma and, while we don’t condone infidelity, we took a look to see if there is any legitimacy to the hype.


For people looking for an affair or a casual hookup

Registration is quick and easy


Promotes adultery

Not ideal for finding the love of your life

Victoria Milan Cost



Per month: 19.99 £
Total: 59.97 £




Per month: 14.99 £
Total: 89.94




Per month: 9.99 £
Total: 119.88 £


Signing Up for Victoria Milan

The sign-up process for Victoria Milan is quick and easy. The process is free to begin, and should only take a few minutes. Though an email address is required to link your account and validate you are a real person, the information is kept private and won’t be available for users.

After linking your account, profile creation begins. At this point, you can start with the basics, selecting your gender identity, your gender of interest, and your current relationship status. This doesn’t have to be married, as there are single individuals who use the site as well.

When this is done, you can select a screenname and country of residence. Country will be used to locate users around you, and the screenname is used in place of your real one, since the service goes to great lengths to keep your identity private. You will notice this immediately when uploading photos, as the “AnonymousBlur Tool” is available to hide your face in images. 

Victoria Milan sign up

Member Structure

As mentioned above, not all members will necessarily be in closed relationships, but most will be interested in engaging in an affair of some kind, be it temporary or lasting. The gender ratio of users skews male, with about 40% of users being female. It isn’t a bad split, but not the closest either.

The age range of users is typically between 25-34, though the 18-24 and 35-44 age ranges are also well represented. With an advertised 8 million users, this offers you a lot to choose from, and also helps to mitigate the gender imbalance if you are interested in women.

While many dating services suffer from an overly-represented North American user base, Victoria Milan is lucky to have a wide-range of European users. Poland, Sweden, and the Netherlands represent extremely significant populations in the user base.

To take advantage of these potential matches, most users will have to opt for a paid membership. Although you can join and browse for free, your actions will be limited to searching users, adding to favorites, and sending “winks.” If you are looking to privately message, send gifts, or see who is interested in you, you’ll have to pay the fee.

Matching Process 

There is no systematic matching process performed by Victoria Milan. Users will be able to search for other members in their local area, and can reach out to accounts that they are interested in.

There is a service for paid users called Featured Users, which allows you to view members all around the globe. You can switch from country to country, providing access to the full extent of Victoria Milan’s diverse user base.

Contact options

All that said, there are several ways to make contact if you are a paying user. The most basic is a wink, something similar to a Facebook like which is a sort of flirty way to show someone you are interested. Another is to ask about information that they left blank in their profile. Rather than sending a private message, you can select an ‘Ask’ button near the blank space which will send a request to the user.

The service offers a private messaging service, which allows you to reach out to and communicate with other users. This is the standard affair messaging service. More interesting is the ‘Gifts’ feature, which allows you to send and receive gifts using credits that are provided through your subscription. A six-month subscription gets you 500 credits, while a year-long subscription gets you double that amount.

Victoria Milan does not allow users to post crude or overly sexual photos on profiles. In fact, it doesn’t even allow group photos or photos with other people. If you notice a delay between your uploading a photo and it appearing on your profile, this is because such content is moderated. While this might be limiting for some, the ‘Private Keys’ feature acts as the sexting tool you may be hoping for.

Private Keys allows users with premium plans access to share of exclusive photos. While exciting, this feature is still limited based on site rules. Though it might be surprising based on the nature of the service, explicit nudity is still not allowed. That said, you will have to use your imagination while actually using the platform.

Victoria Milan App

The service has a fully functional app that is available for iOS and Android. It is organized and well designed, making it easy to use on the go. It does have a “people nearby” feature to show you nearby users, which is something exclusive to the app. This might make up for the lack of video chat.

It also does not include the “Panic Button.” This is a feature on the webpage that will immediately redirect you to another, more conspicuous website, when clicked. The idea is to give you a quick escape from prying eyes. Without this, you may have to be a bit more discreet.

Victoria Milan app


Victoria Milan is a dating service that offers exactly what it advertises. While catering to a dating demographic that isn’t for everyone, the website offers a tailor-made experience that prioritizes privacy and discretion.

 Though the available options for sexually charged conversations and images might be less than expected for some users, the security and ease-of-use is likely to more than make up for it. While we still don’t condone extra-marital affairs, at least non-consensual ones, if it’s something you’re looking for then Victoria Milan might just be the service for you.