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40% Male | 60% Female

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One of the many niche subsets of Cupid Media, ChristianCupid is a matchmaking site and dating service that caters to Christian singles who are looking for their great love story. In that regard, the focus of the Christian dating site is almost entirely on long-term and serious relationships—no flings here. However, somewhat unique to ChristianCupid is that it doesn’t only function as a dating site, but rather a place to gather for fellowship and communication with likeminded members of Christianity.

But when it comes to how it functions as a dating site and matchmaking service, can ChristianCupid compete with the heavy-hitters on the market, or does its niche targeting limit its pool too much? Let’s find out!

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Simple interface

Value for money on the longer-term subscriptions

Over 200,000 members to choose from


No personality matchmaking algorithms

No detailed profiles

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Per month: £24.99
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Per month: £16.66
Total: £49.99



Per month: £8.33
Total: £99.99

Signing Up for ChristianCupid

Cupid Media is widely known for having simple, and completely integrated sign-up processes. ChristianCupid is no different as log-in is a breeze, the interface and website are extremely easy to use, and the whole process can be made even faster by linking your account directly to your Facebook profile. As for the information they ask, the basics cover gender, interests, prominence of the Christian faith in your own life, age, and location. After that, the profile creation is where it really benefits to take your time (even though you can view the site without completing your own profile).

However, to complete your profile, ChristianCupid will ask you to get fairly in depth. They go through five question sections, all of which have multiple informationals to fill in: basic information, appearance, lifestyle, background, and an ad-lib section where you can express anything you’d like to potential partners. After the profile section, no matter how much detail you decide is needed, the process will be completed by adding pictures. Luckily, if you connected through Facebook that is a simple process—but if not, they recommend at least 3-5 images to give other members a good impression of who you are.

Member Structure

There is one through-line with all the members of ChristianCupid in that all of them express that they are followers of the Christian religion. After that, there’s actually quite a bit of diversity in locations the site is populated by and the age groups of its members. Across the U.S., Venezuela, Canada, Germany, of course the U.K. and many others, it’s a worldwide service. But, with only 200,000 members, it’s a quite a bit smaller than many of the more mainstream dating sites. On the plus side, a few thousand daily logins mean the community is relatively active statistically.

Of that community, it is also surprisingly more female than male with nearly 60% being female and 40% male. That’s a rare breakdown on any dating site! Additionally, something interesting about ChristianCupid is that not everyone on the site is looking for romantic involvement.

Some are seeking spiritual guidance from like-minded individuals, some are just looking for a friend with shared values, and still others are looking for their next or first great love interest. That said, the variety of people seeking are still centered by their Christian faith and, whether romantic or platonic, the members of this site are looking for something serious.

Matching Process 

Like many other sites, there’s a fairly big difference between paid and free memberships. In fact, no matter who is making a connection, on ChristianCupid at least one of them needs to be a paying member. A free member can send messages to a paid member, but they can’t connect with other free members. That said, ChristianCupid doesn’t have matching service so much as a browser. There are ways to refine the search, but for the most part you’re scanning through and finding matches. The help of the algorithm is by refining those matches from you and a potential match’s shared profile interests.

Additionally, a free member can send out a ping of “interest” to a paid member, or add them to their own “favorites list”, but not too much else. To really get the value from the site, it’s heavily encouraged to be a paid member. With that, you’ll have the ability to send messages freely, reach out and have anyone make contact with you, search in incognito mode—and basically widen the net you have to access the most from this already fairly small dating pool.

Contact Options

Again, contact on ChristianCupid does fundamentally revolve around the paid system. In that, you can sign up for either the Platinum or Gold account—both of which open up new communication options. With them, you’ll be able to chat with other members, send direct messages and receive them, as well as comment on pictures and refine search categories through tags on your own profile.

To add to that, if you verify your account, you’ll be more likely to show up on other member searches—greatly boosting your visibility on the site. The combination of that, other communication tools, and no ads makes the paid membership the best way to get the most out of ChristianCupid. It’s still functional on a free membership, especially with the ability to send messages to paid members—but the other big bonus is that the price of ChristianCupid is minimal compared to many other dating sites.

ChristianCupid App

Much like the website, ChristianCupid’s app sports an extremely easy to understand interface and has all the amazing features of the full site. However, unfortunately, it’s only available on Android devices and not IOS, which can greatly limit its overall reach. But if you’re using Google Play, the app is extremely user friendly and ready to help you find love or sincere friendship!


Like many of Cupid Media’s other dating sites, ChristianCupid caters to a specific niche and does everything it can to make that niche comfortable. In the case of ChristianCupid, that means offering a platform that not only connects Christian singles looking for a romantic partner, but Christians who are looking for friendship, spiritual guidance, or just to engage with a community of like-minded individuals.

If you’re a Christian and have been looking for a dating site, or just for a great friend that shares the same values as you, ChristianCupid might be the perfect place to start.

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