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Matchmaking based on personality test

High success rate

51% Male | 49% Female

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GayParship is a spin-off of the other popular European based dating site, Parship. While the original Parship offers its services to singles of all sexual orientations, GayParship is specifically designed with the LGBTQ+ community in mind. 

While some may worry this makes it an afterthought, its lengthy history of service hints at otherwise. While Parship was founded in 2000 and launched in 2001, GayParship was released the same year. This means the service has quite an extensive history of growth and support.

Much like its parent service, GayParship benefits from the same compatibility philosophy designed by psychologist Hugo Schmale of the University of Hamburg: the Parship Principle. This is a custom designed, unique personality test designed to measure compatibility between members. While many matchmaking services advertise themselves as offering compatibility tests and algorithms, few have offered such specialty designed professional systems built from the ground-up for the services’ use.

With such a long time on the market and apparent expertise at its back, how does GayParship hold up to other modern dating services?

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Great for finding a serious, long-term relationship

Matchmaking based on a unique algorithm

Available in 13 countries worldwide


Relatively small user base

gayParship Cost



Per month: £29.90
Total: £89.70




Per month: £19.90
Total: £119.40




Per month: £14.90
Total: £178.80


Signing Up for gayParship

Signing up for GayParship starts with creating an account using either your Facebook or a valid email. Once that is done, you should be ready for the somewhat lengthy process of taking a personality test. This can take about 15-20 minutes, but is incredibly important that you, as the user, take the time you need. The personality test is the basis for matches on GayParship, so the more accurate and genuine the answers, the greater your chance of finding that perfect match.

The personality test contains five levels of questions. The first level is pretty standard, with questions about where you would like to live or what you are looking for in a partner. The second level has similar kinds of questions. Asking about your favorite sports, music genres, or other hobbies. Both of these levels are answered through multiple choice. The third and fourth levels are a bit more abstract. They show you a series of pictures, and ask you to select your preferred one. For the third level these will be more abstract in nature, but the fourth will feature actual photography.

The final level of questions will give you a bit more room to answer, presenting you with hypothetical situations for you to respond to. Once this is done, the test works to analyse “32 personality traits and is based on a matching algorithm of 136 rules.” This is the basis on which GayParship will find and present you with potential matches.

Member Structure

GayParship boasts some solid membership numbers. Fortunately, having been founded in Germany, the majority of membership is located in Europe. The United Kingdom has about 350,000 users, which are fairly good numbers for a dating service that caters to a more specific demographic.

The gender identity proportions are fairly equal as well, being 49% female and 51% male. This means that both gay and lesbian singles are well-represented. Of those, the majority are 30 years or older, and are often from professional or well-educated backgrounds. Given the type of singles dominating GayParship, the majority are seeking long-term or serious relationships. This is also reflected by the nature of the service, which works to foster lasting compatibility.

Matching Process 

Matches on GayParship are the result of the services’ algorithm which analyses and compares its user’s personality tests. Potential compatibility is given a score, with 60 being the lowest, 140 the highest, and 100 being a fair average. Free and more passive users can let the algorithm do the work, waiting for GayParship to suggest a potential match, and choosing whether to go forward with communicating or not through the use of the Icebreaker feature.

If you are a more active user, and have a premium account, you can perform searches in your local area to see what other singles are available. This feature gives users a bit more autonomy in their dating, allowing them to search for and find individuals they find attractive or interesting. Such a search will still be guided by a compatibility score, however, which will be featured prominently on each profile.

Contact Options

GayParship offers a surprising number of options for contact. The standard is direct messaging—the most popular way for singles to strike up a conversation and get talking. For those looking for a subtler intro, “Smiles” are available. Parship’s take on a like, “Smiles” allow you to show interest without necessarily worrying about your opening line.

GayParship also features the “Fun Match” option. This is a simple, four-question quiz that asks some low-stress but interesting questions for both of you to answer. Once completed, this gives you something to talk about as both of you can compare and discuss your answers. It may seem straightforward, but a shared experience can really get the conversation going.

If you happen to be nervous on the introduction, or aren’t sure what to say, there is also the option to send an Icebreaker. This feature will show you a pair of photos, where you select the one you like. Your potential match will do the same, and the results will be available to both parties. Same

gayParship App

At the time of writing, GayParship does not have its own mobile application. Despite this, the website can be accessed through a mobile web browser. Though this is less convenient, the site does function in that format. For those determined to date on the go, there is a Parship mobile app available for free on both iOS and Android. While this doesn’t allow access to GayParship, the service does offer LGBTQ+ dating, and users will still be matched based on their personality test. The app has all of the same features that can be found on the official website, and is completely functional for members to use as their primary Parship device.


GayParship is a gay dating site that takes the philosophy and quality of Parship, and applies it specifically to LGBTQ+ dating. While the service suffers from poor mobile support, this is the only shortcoming from an otherwise high-quality and professional service.

If you are a European single looking to find lasting love and build a strong connection, then GayParship’s matchmaking services might just be the perfect match for you.