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For Gay and Bisexual Men Seeking Male Partners

Hook-Up Site Designed for a Younger Demographic

95% Male | 5% Female

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In the world of modern online dating, people have tons of options to turn to. As most mainstream dating services continue to expand their acknowledgment of diverse genders and sexualities, it’s never been easier to find potential partners online.

Despite these positive changes, however, there is still room for exclusive dating services that cater to a specific demographic. GaysTryst is an example of such a place. Built specifically for gay and bisexual men looking to meet other men, GayTryst prides itself on offering a wide range of male singles to match with for casual hook-ups and potentially much more.

But with so many options out there, can GaysTryst compete against all the other gay dating sites? We created a profile to find out. Read our review to see if GaysTryst is an up-and-coming contender or another lost in the shuffle.

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For singles looking for casual fun

Moderators regulate photos for authenticity

Has security measures for added safety


No free mobile app is available

Not always many active users

Fake users on the site

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Per month: £23.40
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Signing Up for GaysTryst

Signing up for GaysTryst is an easy process that only requires a valid email address and limited personal information. It isn’t possible to link your Facebook account to shorten the process, but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes regardless.

GaysTryst only requires that a single form be filled out, with five questions to answer. The first question asks for your dating preference, which is admittedly redundant since “I am a man looking for a man” is the only selectable option. Next comes age, email address, and password. You’ll set the password yourself and verify your email account.

The final request is for your location. This will be geotagged based on your IP address so the platform can show you relevant singles in your area. If the location the service detects for you is off, you can manually change it to ensure you get the nearest hits and most accurate matches.

Member Structure

While GaysTryst benefits from a relatively homogenous userbase in their sexual orientation, it does suffer from a relatively small userbase compared to other services. The platform has about 350,000 members from the UK, though plenty of members from other majority English-speaking countries such as the US and Australia. This makes for a situation where members from larger cities are much more likely to get matches, regardless of where they are in the world.

The age range of GaysTryst skews relatively heavily towards younger demographics, with most members in their mid-20s to mid-30s. Still, users can be found in both younger and older demographic ranges, with members in their early 20s and mid-40s not being uncommon.

As far as interests, GaysTryst does lean more toward the hook-up and short-term fling culture. Although some users have found more long-lasting connections on the site, it isn’t the target audience.

Finally, there have been some reports of fake profiles being used to contact members. This can take the form of winks and private messages, which speaks to some security issues regarding the vetting of profiles on the service. For this reason, it is a good idea to be wary if you receive generic messages in your chat or receive them not soon after creating your profile.

Matching Process

There are two options for matching on GayTryst. The standard way is through the use of the search function. Using a selection of filters, you can browse through active members in your area to find the best match for yourself. When doing this, you can message the profiles you like directly or add them to your “Favorites” list for messaging later. Of course, sending winks is also an option to hint your interest in the other person.

The reliance on search features does mean profile quality is essential for gauging compatibility and interests. Luckily, for paid users, the “Looking For” section is available, which can help you discover people interested in the same connection. Also, profiles can offer a lot of information about a member’s appearance, background, and lifestyle ahead of that first message. Some members also go a little further on their profiles, listing the groups they are a member of, but a lot of profiles suffer from a lack of information and few photos – which can make searching more difficult.

Another option for matching is the Like Gallery. This is similar to the profile roulette used by Tinder and Bumble and lets you know when other members have “Liked” you. While this isn’t necessary for making contact on GaysTryst, it is an excellent alternative to help assure you the other party is interested.

Contact Options

Contact options on GaysTryst are fairly extensive, incorporating Winks, private chats, and video calls. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to communication beyond that, however, and your ability to communicate effectively is severely limited without a paid subscription to the service. 

To that end, GayTryst offers free and paid membership options. Free users are entitled to registration and profile creation, basic search options for browsing user profiles, viewing members’ pages with some limitations, sending winks, adding members to favorites, and using the Like Gallery.

Paying users, in contrast, have access to a much more comprehensive range of options. They have full access to member profiles, allowing them to see “Looking For” information, which highlights what they are seeking from a partner and allows for the viewing of photos in full size. Additional search options are also made available for paid users, providing the opportunity for more targeted searches.

While several excellent options for paid users improve the experience, the most important is access to unlimited chats with other users. While free users can’t communicate on the platform outside of Winks, those that pay can communicate directly and freely while also sharing photos and having the option to video chat.

GaysTryst App

GaysTryst does not have a mobile application, but the website is designed to be easily used from a mobile device. If you want to use GaysTryst on the go, use your mobile web browser to access the website through the regular URL.


GaysTryst is an online dating service that caters to gay and bisexual men seeking male partners. While there isn’t any limit on the kinds of relationships you can explore through the website, the platform’s general feeling is designed for hook-ups and brief encounters rather than lasting relationships.

The service does benefit from an active, though small, userbase. Profile qualities have a lot of opportunities but generally lack detail in many instances. That said, if you are looking for a dating service that caters to the gay and bi demographic GaysTryst may be a site worth checking out.  

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