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A place for celebrities & elite singles

Has a waiting list of over 100k people

45% Female | 55% Male

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Tired of using dating apps that allow just about anyone to join? Looking for an exclusive club of famous celebrities, professional athletes, influencers, and the like? Welcome to Raya, a social dating app where celebrities meet and go on dates. A platform where people like Cara Delevingne, Elijah Wood, Teri Hatcher, and David Harbour have been rumoured to be looking for dates.

Raya is an invite-only dating site that attracts all the big-name people that don’t want to get noticed on Tinder or Bumble. It’s a place that protects their identities so they can feel safe when meeting people online. That’s right, we now live in a world where even celebrities need to meet online because of their busy schedules. And if you want to meet one of them, Raya will have to accept your application.

So just how difficult is it to become a member of Raya? The New York Times came out with a report that revealed that only 8% of applicants get accepted. To get accepted, an “anonymous global committee” needs to vote you in. 

Plus, you need to know existing members that can vouch for your status and invite you in. We’re not telling you this to scare you off, but you should know what you’re getting into and what to expect before trying to sneak into this exclusive club.

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For famous or elite singles

For networking, making friends, and dating

Secure app with screened members


Must be invited or referred

Has a long waiting list

Raya Cost



Per month: $9.99
Total: $9.99

Signing Up for Raya

Signing up for Raya is easy. It’s the approval process that takes the longest time if you even get approved at all. Your best chance of getting accepted is to get referrals from current members of Raya. However, you can’t just tell Raya you know people on the app. You need to select members that will support applications and then share your contact list so that Raya can confirm you’re friends with them.

After the referral process, you can then fill out basic information that every dating app needs—your email address, name, date of birth, gender, occupation, and location. This should only take a couple of minutes of your time and then you can submit your application.

Allow Raya anywhere from a day to several months to accept your application. It will be reviewed by a selected committee of members from all different backgrounds throughout the world. If you provided a number of well-known referrals, the process shouldn’t take too long. If you are lacking referrals, expect to wait a while. There are estimated to be 10x the amount of wait listers compared to members.

Member Structure

It’s difficult to know for sure, but some sources estimate there to be between 4,000 and 5,000 members located in the UK. The male-to-female ratio is fairly equal, with younger adults dominating the platform. You can also find middle-aged to mature adults as well, but they are fewer and far between.

Unfortunately for the masses, Raya invites a select few to join its dating community. These tend to be celebrities, elites, and attractive influencers to attract this exclusive group. If you fall into one of these categories, your chances of getting accepted increase significantly. If not, you can expect to be on the waitlist for some time, and might not get accepted at all.

Matching Process

Your matching success on Raya highly depends on your celebrity status. A-list celebrities will have much more matches than non-celebrities and non-influencers. Essentially, if your photos look like they’re professionally taken, you will probably get more matches.

Raya’s matching process consists of profile photos being shown to you in a roulette-style slideshow format. When flipping through photos, members also choose a song to play when their profiles are presented, along with their Instagram handle. This allows you to go to their Instagram page and check out more photos or even add them as a friend.

To protect members’ identities, Raya doesn’t allow you to take a screenshot of their profiles. If you take a screenshot and that same screenshot shows up online, Raya will ban you from its app. Privacy and exclusivity are taken very seriously on Raya.

Contact Options

You must allow the Raya app to use your location if you want to see potential matches in your area. The layout of the app is very straightforward with 5 tabs to open. You have a tab that shows you members in your area on a map, a music section, a potential match tab, a tab for profile, and a messaging tab.

To message other members, you don’t need to mutually like each other. You can message whoever you’d like because everyone is a paying member. If at any time you don’t want another member to contact you, it is possible to turn off your visibility.

Raya App

As of now, Raya is only available on iOS devices, which makes sense considering almost every celebrity, professional athlete, and influencer has an iPhone. The app is free to download and you won’t have to pay until/if you get accepted.

Once Raya accepts, you will need to pay for the premium subscription service. The plan is affordable and includes all the functions and features. While you are on the waitlist, you will not be able to browse singles in your area.


If you think you’re worthy and know other members that will refer you, by all means, sign up and see who’s out there. If you have problems on other apps because of your status, popularity, or success, Raya provides a safe and secure platform to mingle with other singles. If you don’t fall into this category, be prepared to be waitlisted for several months or even years. Even then, you might not get accepted.

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