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In-Depth Review of

Redesigned back in 2017, (also known as has surged in popularity over the past few years. As it has had a long history of being on the internet under a different name, one targeted at finding escorts that began in 1998, it ranked well upon release and garnered great acclaim for a brand-new site.

As a disclaimer, is now in no way used for escort services or prostitution—with the redesign in 2017, it now caters exclusively to Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommas, and their Sugar Babies.

But even with that amazing boost of popularity at launch, is really what the website claims, “the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating website”? And can it compete with one of the more crowded dating website niches? Let’s find out!


Easy to use

No unnecessary fluff

Mobile-friendly experience


Can be expensive to use Cost



Per month: 28.28 £
Total: 28.28 £




Per month: 31.81 £
Total: 31.81 £


Signing Up for

Like many other dating services, signing up for is a quick and efficient process. Registration is done in two steps, simply fill out your screen name and answer a few basic questions, and then follow it up with exactly what you’re looking for. Are you a Sugar Daddy looking for a Sugar Baby? Or is it the other way around? Is it something else?

After that, you’re free to browse through the site at your leisure.

Once you start browsing, you’ll likely notice a lot of banners encouraging you to start your 3-day free trial of the service. This is the path most members take as an opportunity to see, without a necessary commitment attached, if they like what they find. We say “necessary” because if you neglect to cancel before the 3-day trial ends, you’ll be charged the premium fee for the first month.

Then you’ll really have time to explore the site!

Member Structure

The member structure on boasts one of the more even splits of these niche dating services with 51% of the members identifying as male and the other 49% as female. Among those, the female population typically ranges from ages 18 to 30 years old and the male population is from 35 to 50 years old. All said, the total members that break down those percentages are still high, as millions of members use this service.

Although those members are spread worldwide, the number only accounts for four mainstay countries of the service: the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

It should also be noted that unlike some other Sugar Daddy sites, this site does not discriminate or cater exclusively to the millionaire man and attractive young woman. Many Sugar Mommas can find their own Sugar Babies on this site, giving the whole service a lot more autonomy, inclusion, and user friendliness.

Matching Process caters to relationships as you might expect—they believe financial questions and security should be unveiled at the outset so that every party in the relationship knows what they’re getting into. With that in mind, isn’t necessarily popular for “hook-up” culture or “serious” relationships. Instead, both those avenues can be taken, but it predominantly is helping to match individuals looking for “the best parts of a loving relationship with none of the bad parts.”

To help with that, the matching process on is very much, choose what you’re looking for. There is no direct matching beyond general recommendations that are typically location-based (a 400 km search parameter on average.) However, the number of options in the search function make it so you are able to narrow down nearly everything from sex, mutual interests, age, and browse profile pictures to get a feel for who you’d like to reach out to.

Contact Options

After narrowing down search parameters or trying to find a match nearby, there are quite a few contact options for—though nothing too far outside the ordinary. One standout feature is the ability to send a “kiss” to someone you’re interested in. This can start the conversation but is among the premium features of the site.

However, there is the “full contact” option for premium members which allows even free members to contact you. On, this works for two reasons—more opportunities for matches, and more easily show the Daddy as someone willing to splurge. These accounts are usually quite popular.

This is also where it should be mentioned that unless a free member encounters a “full contact” premium member, there aren’t many contact options available for them—only search functions. However, the features they’re missing out on are namely the ability to message members. It’s barebones, but it definitely gets the job done as the site has a great matchmaking history.

It should also be noted, however, that a small difference between premium memberships is the sending and storing of unlimited messages. The lower package won’t store messages, and there is a soft-cap for sending. On the plus side, we mentioned the “full contact” add-on, but if you choose the Diamond Membership, anyone you send messages to will get the notification that you are a Diamond Member—a nice icebreaker bonus. App

At the time of writing, does not have a mobile application for either the iOS or Android devices. It may be a choice directly linked to the “.com” name, but it can also be taken as a positive. Often dating apps have been known to charge an app fee in addition to membership and there are none of those hidden fees present.

To add, the mobile browser is streamlined and remarkably easy to use just like the main website.

Conclusion has had a long and interesting history but today it stands as one of the most popular niche dating sites covering the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship circle. It elects for a more baseline approach to matchmaking and communication, but certain exclusivity bonuses to Diamond Memberships and financial security as something placed at the forefront make it an appealing option in a crowded space.

If you’re a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Momma, or Sugar Baby looking for your next amazing relationship, might just be the perfect place to start.