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Zoosk is a worldwide dating platform created to help singles find their ideal match and discover love from around the globe. It has operated since 2007 and is available in over 80 nations and accessible in 25 languages. Offering a personalized dating experience, Zoosk offers Behavioral Matchmaking technology which tracks the nature of its members’ interactions to form a customized service inspired by the activity of 40 million users. 

This platform is built from its member’s preferences and their exchanges with other potential matches, delivering its subscribers the freedom to choose who they chat with. The algorithm is developed to benefit users in their search for true love, equipping them with integrated tools to successfully secure a relationship.

The pros outweigh the cons for Zoosk which makes it a practical option for universal daters. The platform is a plus for both temporary and prolonged relationships, perfect for two distinct dating styles. The site is reputable and highly utilized by 40 million singles around the world, establishing it as a popular and trustworthy site. 

Its unique attributes and convenient mobile dating application make Zoosk a great option for digital daters. The only downsides of the platform are its surface-level approach to real relationships and its narrow audience demographic of young adults. Overall, the positives of Zoosk make it a worthwhile dating resource for those seeking valuable connections.

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Great for finding short-term or long-term relationships

40 million users worldwide

Activity on the site is high

Unique features and a great mobile app


A bit superficial

Mostly targets young people

Zoosk Cost



Per month: £29.99
Total: £29.99



Per month: £20.00
Total: £60.00



Per month: £15.00
Total: £90.00

Signing Up for Zoosk

Zoosk requires a minimal amount of information for users to sign up, providing members an easy process to begin. All that is requested is the user’s email, birth date, gender, and location in addition to other general questions about their dating specifications. 

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Once an account is created, members can upload a profile picture. Available for a free trial, Zoosk also offers membership plans at either 12 months for $149.88 or 6 months for $74.95 while both plans can be paid at just $12.49 a month. Members can expect a simple and affordable dating experience with this platform. Additionally, Zoosk offers a 30-day trial for users to test out the site for free.

Member Structure

Zoosk is used by 40 million daters across the world. The site attracts and serves users ages 25-34. Its straightforward, user-friendly interface is a win for the younger generations and with its international appeal, users can instantly source a match in their hometown or their vacation area. The site’s gender distribution is almost 50/50 with its female users at 52% and its male users at 48%.


Zoosk empowers modern singles to search for and connect with other compatible partners based on their built-in preferences. The matchmaking strategy of the site is established by offering users a combination of features like an instant search option in addition to direct and mass messaging features to connect with other singles along with algorithm recommendations derived from the user’s activity.

Contact Options

Members can contact each other by exchanging instant messages or sending one another a smile icon to show their interest. The platform offers an “Online Now” feature which provides a list of currently active users on the site who are available to chat. Another tool is the “Carousel” which links suitable matches so they can continuously communicate and connect. 

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Zoosk App

The Zoosk application is a quick way users can interact with their profile, access all their connections, and consistently search for matches on the go. With the easy-to-use Zoosk app, daters can do everything they need to without being confined to a desktop. Online dating is simplified and strategic with this digital dating solution. These days daters need a reliable dating platform that delivers them effortlessly, real-time results. Zoosk presents a mobile-friendly application that meets these user demands while also fulfilling their dating expectations.

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In conclusion, the positives of Zoosk make it a worthwhile dating resource for those seeking valuable connections. With its wide range of options and unique features, it is a great option for both casual and serious daters. While it may not be the best option for those looking for a personality-based matchmaking system or a long-term relationship, Zoosk is an excellent choice for digital daters who are looking for a convenient, user-friendly platform to meet like-minded individuals.

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