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Christian Dating For Free

It’s always a risk to create a completely free dating service as they can often be very quickly flooded with fake profiles or insincere accounts. However, being aware of that at the outset, Christian Dating for Free has put the security of its members and its site at the forefront. They have an amazing system for filtering profiles to minimize any spam accounts and their restrictions on profanity or pornographic imagery make their site quick to crackdown on anyone bringing a negative atmosphere to the site.

All that said, as a site dedicated to the Christian niche, Christian Dating for Free inherently has somewhat of a limited scope compared to general dating sites. But with an amazing track record of successful relationships, is it the safe site for Christians to meet and match that it markets itself as?

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Signing Up for
Christian Dating For Free

The sign-up process for Christian Dating for Free (CDFF) is a straightforward one. As a measure to prevent against bots, CDFF will ask you to verify your email account. To add to that, making a fraudulent or fake account on CDFF is extremely difficult as the moderators are quick to challenge any profiles or cancel them if they appear to be insincere or malicious after multiple safety checks.

However, after the initial sign-up and verification of your profile, you’ll be asked to answer a personal questionnaire to better determine what kind of relationship you’re looking for. From there, you will be asked a series of questions about your looks including eye and hair color, compounded with questions about your career, education, hobbies, and overall interests. Finally, as a predominantly Christian site, you will be asked about your faith and the frequency in which you attend your church.

To its credit, CDFF is a wonderfully integrated site with the majority of Christian beliefs promoted on the forefront, so as not to confuse its intentions to non-Christians searching for a matchmaking service.

Member Structure

While Christian Dating for Free originally found its popularity in the United States, it has since expanded worldwide, with a huge pocket of members in the U.K. Of the 300,000 total members, roughly a third can be found in the U.K. and the split of male to female is a surprising twist on the usual divide at 55% female and 45% male.

Beyond that, the public forums of the site show the true diversity of its member structure as the community of nearly 50,000 active members on a weekly basis are constantly engaging in posts and live chat rooms.

This all makes for an extremely inviting community of members, in addition to its matchmaking functionality. With a slightly younger audience than other Christian services, there is also a make-up of members that isn’t solely focused on long-term connections. Some are just hoping to make a connection in general and that can make CDFF more approachable overall.

Matching Process 

Speaking of the matchmaking, on CDFF there aren’t many blocks to communication with other members. There is no formal matchmaking process, though the algorithm will recommend matches based on similar interests. However, the core function of CDFF comes from reaching out to those other members. This is also where CDFF really shines.

Most dating sites and Christian services specifically block a ton of functionality behind paywalls. That isn’t the case with CDFF. On this site you can see a full list of who is active online and are free to message anyone you like. Besides direct messaging, the site also boasts a very active forum where members are free to post ideas, Bible passages, or anything they feel like. This sort of freedom of interaction is rare and a special boon of CDFF.

However, it isn’t without one drawback. Unless you get the paid version of the site or app, there are quite a few ads that litter each of the pages. It’s to be expected from a free service—but it’s definitely noticeable. On the plus side, you can “elevate” your profile to remove ads specifically for a relatively small fee and many members find that investment worth it.

Contact Options

As mentioned, there are a number of methods for making contact with other potential partners.  The free messaging makes communication a breeze as, whether paid or free, you have the option to contact anyone you want. The only stipulation is that you must have an approved profile picture to make contact—another of the many security measures on the site.

Beyond messaging, the live chat feature means you can old-school chat with members in real time with all the functionality of classic IMs or Facebook Chat.  This is a great way to converse with people who are online and build connections quickly. That said, there is also a strong and positive community on CDFF that make their voices heard on the forums where multiple threads hold multiple conversations about faith and dating with faith.  And finally, like any fun matchmaking site, you can send “winks” to members you’re interested in to really get the ball rolling.

Christian Dating For Free App

CDFF has an app with nearly all the functionality of the website and is available for both Android and IOS. The only drawback, if you have the free version, the app is absolutely loaded with ads—further encouraging the “elevate” investment. That being said, it’s seamless, easy to use, and allows you complete access to scrolling your “matches” while on the go.


Chrisitan dating services may be a niche in the overall scope of online dating but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a plethora of options. CDFF is one of many, but as a free site with all (if not more) functionality than many of the big-name Christian Dating services, it sure offers a lot of value for the investment—which is mostly just your time.

With added security measures to keep accounts safe, a community of positive and engaged Christians that keep the site active, there’s no shortage of members to meet on CDFF—and if you’re a Christian looking for a long-term connection, this is absolutely the perfect place to start.