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It is often said that successful dating is all about confidence. If you come across as self-assured and capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to, then you will inevitably have more success in attracting a partner who values those traits. If that can be said of dating, then perhaps it can also be said of dating platforms. is a matchmaking service that exudes confidence, both in the quality of its services and the quality of its members.

Founded in 2002, was not just one of the early dating services to develop an online platform, but was also one of the first to recognize and pursue “sugar dating” as a viable dating niche. 

This is a history the service is incredibly proud of, describing themselves in the following way: “ is the first and most pioneering site of its kind. We are a market leader that will continue to set the precedence for modern online dating. We were the first site to philosophize that wealth provides security and is therefore an attractive quality. We continually stride to make the site distinctive, direct, original, real, effective and above all, successful to the member.”

The service has been featured in a wide range of media appearances over the years, with the most noticeable being the Dr. Phil Show in the US and The Richard & Judy Show in the UK. All this hype and confidence may make for a promising dating experience, but does it live up to its lavish publicity?

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Sleek, modern design

Intuitive interface

Strong filtering capabilities


No mobile application

Relatively expensive

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Signing Up for

Signing up for is a fairly straightforward process. New members must provide an email, which will be used to confirm the validity of your new profile. Using Facebook to create a profile is not available, so you need to go the email route. From there the process asks some of the baseline questions anyone with a dating profile is likely familiar with. This includes details about yourself such as age, country of residence, income, gender, and interests.

After answering these questions, you will also have the opportunity to fill in some descriptions about yourself, so there is a chance for some expression through writing. You can provide a short introduction of you and your profile, which can help to add character and attract matches. You can also add multiple profile photos. 

The whole process of signing up will probably take 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of time and thought you want to put into your descriptions. The one downside to this process is that everything needs to be filled out in one go. If you exit the signup process before inputting all requested information, you will have to start over. Once you are done however, you can go back and make changes to your profile.

Member Structure benefits from a unique gender distribution. About 70% of users are female, and 30% are male. Female users are typically in the 18 to early 20’s age range, while men pretty evenly fall into the 25 to 55 age range.

While there are a few older women on the site looking for younger men, overwhelmingly caters to the older, wealthier man meets attractive, youthful woman dynamic. boasts of having over 5 million members in its lifetime. This is impressive for a niche service, though daily logins have tapered off in recent years. Still, even reduced numbers leaves this platform as one of the most popular out there.

As for the regions members are from, was founded in the United Kingdom, and fortunately its userbase is reflective of that. It is also available in the United States, Australia, and Canada, so users may be encountered from those countries as well.

Members can use the service with either free or premium accounts. Free members actually have many of the services available to paying members, such as viewing profiles, searching for profiles, and receiving suggested profiles through the “Meet Your Match” service.

Premium members have one major advantage over free users, they can send messages. Only Premium users can initiate conversation. The site does not offer more casual forms of communication like “winks” or “likes,” so not having a premium account can be very limiting.

Matching Process 

The matching process on has two options. Active users will probably prefer the search function. This allows you to search other users profile based on a wide range of criteria.

Another option is to use the “Meet My Match” feature. For more passive users, this might be preferred. The service will offer a series of user profiles that you may be compatible with. If both you and the suggested users say yes, then it’s a match!

Another method of making a match is more roundabout, but actually quite clever. Like many other dating services, offers a “Favorites” list you can add interesting members to. The twist is that you can view which members have added you to their “Favorites” list. This offers a unique opportunity to contact interested users.

A final important feature that assists all of these matching options is the “Quality Score” associated with all profiles. This is a rating system that increases the “Quality” rating of your profile based on its completion, and your level of engagement with the service. Using more means a higher score. Premium users also get a bonus to the rate at which they accumulate their score.

Contact Options

Making contact on is a simple process. Premium users can initiate contact through a private chat feature on the website, or via their email linked to the service. At this time, there are no extra features like video chat that would allow communication outside of messaging.

Free users are unable to communicate with other users, which is quite limiting as it is the only real way to use the service. Communication options like “winks” or “likes” that can be used on similar platforms are not available. App

Sadly, there is not a mobile application for this dating platform. Both iOS and Android users will have to use a web browser if they want to access on the go. Luckily, the website is mobile friendly, so it scales well to the smaller screen. This might not make up for the lack of a dedicated application, but it does mean accessing the service is manageable on a smartphone.

Conclusion is a platform that succeeds as an established brand that caters to a specific group. While the website is a bit basic with its communication options and straightforward matching options, this is likely to be an intentional oversight. is a straight to the point service that excels at getting to individuals together based on the compatible qualities of wealth and success meeting youth and beauty. If this is the kind of arrangement that interests you, then is the premier service for you to try! logo


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