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If you have spent any amount of time looking into dating apps or matchmaking services, then you probably have a pretty good idea of how things typically work. You sign up, create an account, perhaps answer some questions about yourself, and after two to twenty minutes, you’re free to browse the platform as a member.

Usually, this process comes with a free or paid account options, and just about every paid account takes the form of monthly installments, and is actually immensely vital for getting dates. In that regard, WhatsYourPrice is not a typical dating platform.

While WhatsYourPrice does require funds to enjoy (often significant funds at that) it really doesn’t share much else with what is typically expected from dating platforms. WhatsYourPrice lives up to its name, delivering a matchmaking experience built in the style of an auction house. Instead of just sending messages or liking photos, users are encouraged to bid against each other for the privilege of taking a desired user on a date.

The person who bids the most, wins the date but also has to spend that amount on the date.

The platform offers a one-of-a-kind service, but it wasn’t created out of nowhere. WhatsYourPrice does have some history, having been created in 2010 by MIT graduate Brandon Wade. Brandon desired to create a new dating experience that could offer successful people the chance to meet attractive singles, an experience they might have missed in their busy youth. Brandon also founded another dating service that is arguably similar, SeekingArrangements.

WhatsYourPrice is a unique platform with history, vision, and drive. But are these three things together enough to make the service worthwhile?

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Quick to get a date

Fully transparent, you know what you’re getting into

Levels the playing field for sugar daters


Bidding can drive up date prices

Feels more transactional than other sugar dating sites

WhatsYourPrice Cost



Price per credit: £0.50
Total: £50.00



Price per credit: £0.33
Total: £150.00



Price per credit: £0.25
Total: £250.00

Signing Up for WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice offers a smooth and easy sign-up process. Registration is free, and typically only takes a couple of minutes.

At first, you will only be asked to answer two basic questions. What is your gender, and what are you looking for in terms of dating? This second question is important, because it determines what your experience will be. If you are banking on your good looks and charm, then you should take the option of having others bid for dates with you. If you think your financial success is the key to your dating success, then being a bidder is the logical choice for you.

You will need to conclude the process by confirming your email address through an email they will send you. After this, you can choose to complete your profile at any time. This will include more in-depth information, like location, ethnicity, physical qualities, education, income, and career path. This section is always open for editing, so don’t feel too stressed with making it perfect the first time.

Member Structure

WhatsYourPrice boasts over 4 million members on its website. This high number of users has produced over 7.5 million bids on first dates, meaning there has been a great deal of activity over the years.

The gender disparity comes out to about 60% male and 40% female. The age range varies for members, but the majority of women are in the 18-24 age group, and tend to be college students. Men are typically older, as the service caters to bidders who are more established professionally.

The ratio of bidders vs bid receivers closely resembles the gender ratio. While there is nothing stopping either gender from bidding or being bid on, it is the generally accepted culture of the service that men do the bidding, and women receive the bids.

All said, WhatsYourPrice is predominantly focused on the United States as its primary location of service, but it does have a huge following in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom of course, and throughout a majority of Europe.

Matching Process 

Matching on WhatsYourPrice is a simple matter of the bid. The minimum amount for a bid is 5 USD (3.60 GBP), but bidding will typically bring that cost up dramatically. The average cost of a winning first date bid is 125 USD (About 90 GBP). There is no upper limit on bids, and areas with more affluent communities can easily see bid averages in the 400s.

The process is also complicated by counterbidding. If a person you are bidding on thinks you are going too low, then can raise their expected price. This gives the person being bid on some control, but can also increase the competition for bidders.

There is no matchmaking program or compatibility score, so making matches is a manual process.

Contact Options

Contact options are incredibly simple. If you don’t have any money on your account and aren’t making bids, you are limited to sending ‘winks.’ These are similar to Facebook likes, and can’t do much beyond showing interest/getting attention.

There is a simple private chat system that you can use to communicate with the people you are bidding on/are bidding on you. The service works well and has all the basic features you would need to communicate.

Beyond this, there aren’t any video calls or more advanced communication options. Once the bid is complete, you are expected to make a first date plan and spend the bid amount on that date. There are no expectations beyond the date, and users are not expected to return any favors for the money spent.

WhatsYourPrice App

At the time of writing, no mobile application is available for WhatsYourPrice.


WhatsYourPrice isn’t a traditional dating service by any means, but it is hard to deny there is some appeal in the eccentricity. While its features beyond the primary hook are pretty simple, the service does benefit from a unique nature, operating philosophy, and a functional community culture where users know exactly what they want and what they are looking for.

If you are interested in trying out a unique dating service, or just like the thrill of the bid, then WhatsYourPrice might be the perfect dating service to try out.