Top 6 Most Common Themes in Relationship Related Googling have put together a UK based investigation of the 800 most frequently searched phrases on Google related to our partners. The investigation reveals that certain themes tend to have rather one-sided turnouts and exposes the difference in interest. Finding a girlfriend seems of greater importance than finding a boyfriend, famous wives are particularly engaging, and in the context of divorce settlements, the husband’s rights have little to no priority.

Have you ever found yourself in a love related scuffle shaking your fist at the heavens screaming WHY?! Most of us have, and however special we all feel, chances are that someone on the other side of the street is going through the exact same rough patch as yourself. But how can we possibly know that? Well, I guess we can’t, but here at Datinghelp, we are determined to give it a try.

To find out, we have looked at hundreds and hundreds of searched phrases on Google related to our better halves and relationships in general. You see, while some confessions might be too personal to share with another soul, fortunately, computers don’t have souls (yet), thus making it much less difficult to share our insecurities with Google.

In our investigation, we have analysed 800 of the most frequently searched phrases in the UK containing the words girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. We then divided the phrases into topics, of which we are going to have a look at celebrities, getting a girlfriend/boyfriend, love problems, relationship, divorce, the infamous dead husband subject, and of course, sex.

Very important people are very important, Google confirms.

Before we can dig into the more personal parts of our little Google-garden, we need to clear out some weeds. Let me just throw the numbers at you: over half of the 800 search phrases included in our investigation have to do with celebrities – and that’s without counting Will Smith’s shenanigans at the Oscars.

More specifically, there is a general yearning in the British public to keep track of important peoples’ love life and who is married to whom. Also, their age seems of great important to us – best represented with the phrase “how old is Joe Biden’s wife” claiming 2nd place on our top 800 with no less than 4,100 searches a month.

Our need to know about celebrity plus-ones is particularly breathtaking in the statistics for phrases containing husband or wife. While 30 % of the boyfriend phrases and 44 % of the girlfriend phrases are about celebrities, in the husband category, it’s all the way up at 64.3 %. And saving the best for last, with a mind-boggling 74 %, only about a quarter of the phrases containing wife are not about celebrities.

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

As portrayed in the blockbuster Bohemian Rhapsody from 2019, despite fame, money, and an absolutely remarkable and almost inconceivable wardrobe, love is never guaranteed to come easy. Not in the seventies, not today, and probably not in the future either.

Even if society reaches a point where everyone is handed their own, personal love-bot, there is a slight chance that technology will never become sophisticated enough to work its way around your twisted fantasies.

To get back to our investigation, every cloud has a silver lining. Though your love life is in shackles or downright non-existing and things might seem hopeless, you are not alone. It’s an easy thing to say, but after hours and hours of statistical analysis, we actually have the numbers to back it up.

The one thing topping “how old is Joe Biden’s wife” in frequency, difficult as it sounds, is “how to get a girlfriend” with 6,400 searches a month. Additionally, “how to get a boyfriend” is on 6th place with 3,300 searches per month – 300 more than “how old is Boris Johnson wife”.

In the end, according to our results, the people of Britain are at least a smitch more desperate to find love than to find out how much the chief of the cabinet is punching above his weight in the bedroom. Now that’s been dealt with, let’s quickly move on before contemplating too much on the conception of Mr. Johnson’s perpetually messed up hairdo!

Trouble in paradise

First off, when looking at love problems, it is interesting that the topic is as good as non-existent in the search phrases containing husband or wife. However, in the phrases containing girlfriend, 9.1 % of them have to do with problems between couples, and as for the phrases containing boyfriend, it’s up at 13.5 %.

With that being said, I am not arguing that married couples don’t have issues. Their questions just generally seem to have a more serious and deliberate nature compared to some of the more inexperienced, presumed to be youngsters. But still, when your sweetheart’s mind is a complete mystery and you don’t know what to do, why not ask Google?

In love problems, the two most frequently searched phrases are “what to talk about with your boyfriend” and “what should I talk about with my girlfriend”. Combine all the different variations of phrases about how to conversate with one’s partner and it sums up to 1,950 searches per month.

And should your valentine run away crying because of something you said, then don’t you worry. With 1,250 searches a month on how to apologise to your boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are that the internet might be able to help you sort things out.

Relationships, paranoia, and sneaky wives

Of course, when looking at searched phrases containing girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, and husband, a huge chonk of them will have to do with relationships. As a result, we have decided to include an overall relationship topic, while certain subgenres grew to the point that they deserved their own sections.

However, out of the entire relationship catalogue including both subgenres and love problems, the three most frequently searched phrases are “what to call your boyfriend”, “how to flirt with girlfriend over text”, and “how to get my husband on my side” with 1,000 searches per month each.

I agree that coming up with cute nicknames is quite harmless, and for those of us with clumsy tongues and sweaty palms, flirting over text might be the next best thing to the real deal. However, the phrase “how to get my husband on my side” gives me a slight sense of paranoia.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself at the DIY centre looking for a shelf and eventually found one I liked. I then started thinking to myself, ‘wait a minute – that’s not going to work. We don’t like mahogany’. For a moment there, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have a problem with mahogany back when I was single.

In general, women are perhaps more intricate than men. While men are busy investigating the birthyear of a wife to some guy on the telly, women are exploring the wider edges of cyberspace of ways to convince their partner that it’s a brilliant idea to get rid of their sound system, paint the living room pink, or who knows what.

Looking at the relationship topic, there’s not even a single phrase containing “my wife”. In contrast, there are 2,600 searches per month containing “my husband”. In other words, to put more of an objective spin on it, wives are perhaps more curious about the bewildering simplicities of the male brain than the other way round.

Divorce entitlements and indifferent husbands

In general, our research shows that women, wives as well as girlfriends, have a more meticulous search history than their inconsiderate companions. As a result, the dead husband topic makes up 4.5 % of the husband category, in which the trending phrase is “what benefits can you get when your husband dies” with 1,600 searches a month.

In comparison, out of the 800 most frequently searched phrases, the only phrase on the subject of dead wife is “how to murder your wife”, which is of course highly disconcerting – both morally but also intellectually. If you have the audacity to put “how to murder your wife” in your search history, the least you can do is learn from your female counterparts and get to know about the benefits first – otherwise is just dull.

Similarly, the divorce topic shows an almost identical pattern. While phrases regarding details of what a wife is entitled to if she divorces her husband stacks up to 2,350 searches per month, on the topic of divorce, there’s not a single phrase referring to the husbands. In conclusion, no one cares about the husbands’ rights in a divorce – not even themselves.


If you were wondering what your man friend might be interested in, you can always count on sex. However, if you’re already contemplating what sorts of disgusting, humiliating, and perhaps even interdimensional fetishes he might be hiding from you, I’m afraid the following might come as a disappointment.

According to our investigation, sex is a common ground for both cogs in the relationship wheel, and in fact, the topic has more of a sober demeanour than first assumed. Of course, there is the odd “why does my boyfriend want to urinate on me” and “why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes”, but generally, the sex topic deals with serious matters.

According to our research, lots of couples have intimacy issues to the extent that the topic has 3,950 searches per month, and keep in mind that’s only including the 800 most popular phrases. Of course, the questions come in a great variety, but all of them revolve around a partner’s non-existing sex drive – either the cause of it or what to do about it.

In addition, besides from silly persons wondering why they smell like their lover between the thighs, most of the remaining phrases are quite heartwarming. 2,250 times a month, a kind and selfless Briton is examining the World Wide Web of ways to improve their lover’s experience in the bedroom.

Admittedly, I was expecting the sex phrases to have more of a vulgar attitude, and to be frank, I was quite surprised that the topic only made up 4.3 % of the 800 most popular phrases. Perhaps, people are more interested in googling sex stuff when it doesn’t involve their partner – food for thought. In the following, we’ll take a look at some of the more unexpected categories that caught our attention.

Honourable mentions

Behind celebrities, which was by far the most popular topic, on a respectable 2nd place with 8.8 % of the lot, give it up for gifts! That’s right, with a combined 35,900 searched phrases per month on what to get our partners for their birthday, Christmas, etc., when it comes to selecting a special present, many of us rely on the internet to find the perfect gift.

Sticking to the theme, another surprising name on the topics list is writing cards. Although we live in a fast-paced society surrounded by splashy technology, the tradition of writing cards will probably survive us all. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, funeral, you name it, finding inspiration for what to write in a card has 5,700 searched phrases per month.

As a last mention, we have the late but cherished arrivals in the British calendar: National Girlfriend Day and National Boyfriend Day. Since we found a combined 9,250 searches per month questioning when the days are celebrated, let me just spare you the trouble. National Girlfriend Day is 1st of August, and National Boyfriend Day is 3rd of October.

Hopefully, treasuring our partners and making them feel cherished isn’t a special thing for most of us. However, if you’ve been kind of a schmuck lately, and let’s say you’re reading this with August or October just around the corner, why not use the occasion to do something nice for your sweetheart?

About the investigation

Our investigation was conducted using the Keyword Explorer on Ahrefs is an SEO tool used to gain insight on monthly searches for keywords and phrases. Ahrefs get their data from multiple sources including the Google Keyword Planner.