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Dating Sites – Are They Worth the Money?

When you join some dating websites, there is no initial cost and sometimes even an option to keep the website permanently free. Some see this is a great way to save some money as they may not be keen on the idea of paying for a dating website.

Are these people right in not bothering to pay money for a dating site? This brings us to the topic of today’s blog. We’re considering whether or not dating sites are worth the money they charge. We say that they are, and for the following reasons:

1. Great Range of Options and Features

Most sites that offer both free and paid versions will reserve all of the best features for the paid profiles. In the meantime, as a free user, you will more likely be bombarded with ads in order to make your experience financially sound for the platform.

Additional options might include (but are not limited to):

  • More results in any profile search that you do
  • The ability to see who has viewed your profile
  • The ability to visit others’ profiles without being seen – “incognito”
  • A system of filters allowing you to conduct a more advanced search
  • Special greetings, emojis and ways to inform a person you like them without actually having to write messages or emails
  • And many more…

2. People Take it More Seriously

A second reason to pay for a dating site is that you and your fellow paying customers will take the process a lot more seriously. You’re far less likely to run into “players” when you have to pay for the service, because such people are more likely to cast a wider net over multiple free platforms instead of using money to be more dedicated to one.

The result of that is you can connect with a far more engaged community than you would on a free platform. People you connect with are more likely to be taking the process seriously, and will also more likely spend time making their profiles more complete and more interesting to read. It’s easier to find a real connection when you and others are properly invested in the process.

3. There’s More Success

The point above is far from just an idle theory. Statistics from showed that when using paid dating sites like Match, you were 46.9 percent more likely to get responses than you would on  free dating sites, and successful “hit” messages sent on paid sites are apparently 44 percent more likely to result in a date.

And so, in whatever way you look at it, paid sites are a better bet than free ones for most people. It’s not the same for everyone, of course, but getting serious about one site and paying for the premium features is a good way to demonstrate commitment.

Want To Try a Dating Site?

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