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Reasons to Use Targeted Dating Sites

There are probably larger dating sites that you’ve heard of such as, eHarmony and others, and they are great platforms with huge user communities. You may therefore naturally and automatically gravitate toward them when you’re looking at dating sites to use.

You might be hindering your progress to find good matches though when you could benefit more from a more targeted or specific platform. For example, there are some platforms just for Christian dating, like and; there are platforms where hookups are what users are looking for like; and there are sites for seniors like

The team here at have pulled together our considerable expertise on dating sites to advise you the best reasons to instead favor the more targeted platforms.

Reason #1. Trim the Fat

General dating sites do have a lot of users, but the vast majority of them are not just not matches, but not even in the same category. So much of what you see on the platform is superfluous profiles that you’ll never connect with, so why not “trim the fat” by looking at something more targeted at you.

Instead of your eyes glazing over as you see thousands of profiles resulting from your general search criteria, you’ll get a directory of folks made up entirely of people with whom you already have a better chance of matching.

Reason #2. You’ll Have More in Common

Now we arrive neatly to the second reason, which is that within the user community of a targeted site, you already have much more in common than you would with most on a more general platform.

By joining a targeted site, you know that the foundation of each connection and first conversation is rooted in your common interest or trait. If anything, it makes for a more relaxing experience, since it makes ice breakers easy.

Reason #3. Faster and Friendlier Connections

Let’s say you’re a senior looking to meet other seniors. You already have to apply filters when you do your search just to stand any chance of meeting people in your target age group. The trouble is, you then have to search for those who are equally interested in meeting seniors, which takes time.

If you join a senior dating site like those we list here on, then you know that all members within that community are searching for other seniors, too. That’s time saved. Furthermore, you’ve a good chance of building a friendship out of connections that don’t flower romantically. That point of common interest is a great foundation for a lasting and meaningful friendship, as well.